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Boy in the treetops

The barrier islands of North Carolina have always been filled with myths and legends.  In past centuries, tales of pirates, storms, spirits and shipwrecks all added to the mysteries of the outer banks.

Newly arrived on the North Carolina outer banks, the Triplett family encounter a new culture, and are immersed in the rich lives the proud people known as Bankers.  They discover that storms, spirits,myths, legends and pirates not only exist in history, but in the present as well.

Boy in the Treetops is published by DW Beam Publishing.  It is available on Amazon, the DW Beam website, and Barnes and Noble.  Local outlets include Stokes Pharmacy stores King Druc Co.,  Gullion's Books and The Arts Place in Danbury, NC.

It is now available as an E-Book as well.


Jackie chronicles the life of a young man born to misfortune. As a child he is labeled as mentally challenged. He suffers an abusive home life and the torment of bullies at school. Soon he is judged uneducable and relegated to homeschooling that is no more effective than the classroom. He is left without a formal education.


Thirteen years later he is reunited with an old classmate, Jimmie, who is now a recent college graduate. Circumstances reunite the old acquaintances when Jackie’s mother becomes ill. Together they discover that Jackie has a secret ability and enormous untapped potential. That ability enables the friends to discover and expose deeply seated local government corruption and create a future for Jackie.

Jackie is available from for $17.99.

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Joe Peas

Who is Joe Peas? Is he a simple immigrant Italian house painter, or is he a complicated man with much to hide, even from himself?


When the aging itinerant house painter becomes ill, his life intersects with family doctor, James King. The doctor develops a friendship with the odd little Italian whose life is a sharp contrast to his own.


Joe suffers a hip fracture and becomes Dr. King’s rehabilitation patient in a long-term care facility. He interacts with the other residents and learns of their struggles and triumphs as he witnesses their close family relationships.


The spirited little Italian enriches the lives of his fellow patients as they change Joe in ways he never expected. As Joe is forced to face his past, Dr. King is facing his own struggles dealing with his community where conformity is valued above individualism.


Could there be more—much more—to Joe Peas than meets the eye? Will the truth about the mysterious painter finally be unveiled?

Joe Peas is available from for $16.95.

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