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New availability for "Jackie" and "Joe Peas"

It's time for an update on availability of "Jackie" and "Joe Peas."

They are available through Lulu Publishing on this blog, and also on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.

Locally, they are available at:

Stokes County Arts Council, Apple Gallery

Pioneer Community Hospital of Stokes County

Pioneer Family Medicine of King (my office in King)

King Drug Co.

Stokes Pharmacy of King and Danbury

Broad Street Pharmacy in Rural Hall

Hicks Pharmacy in Walnut-Cove, NC

Hampton House Gallery in King, NC

And now at the Wake Forest University Campus Book Store in Winston-Salem, NC

An event will beheld Oct. 1 on the campus of Wake Forest. The seminar will be held by the Humanities Instate of WFU. The topic is to improve communication and listening with patients. My two novels are inspired and constructed on the basis of patient encounters. They fit very well into the premise of the seminar. The folks at Wake Forest will have the books available at the conference for perusal, as well as for purchase in the Bookstore.

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