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1st Place in Colorado Contemporary Fiction

OK, It was back in August when Betty and I trekked to Denver for the Colorado Independent Publisher Association Awards dinner.

The affair was after hours at the Forney Transportation Museum. There were hundreds of wonderful antique cars, locomotives and memorabilia.

One of the most unique is the yellow car seen above that is a 1923 Kissel once owned by Amelia Earhart.

On display were the finalists books. You can see my "Joe Peas" near the middle of the display.

There were seven finalists in the Contemporary Fiction category. As the names were called I began to be a bit nervous. After recognizing the Honorable Mentions and third and second place, I suspected that "Joe Peas" was mistakenly included as a finalist. Then they announced "Joe Peas by Sam Newsome is our first place winner in the category of contemporary fiction!

I don't know if it shows in the picture above, but I was surprised, anxious, and relieved all at the same time.

Betty misjudged the timing of the categories and totally missed my presentation with a bathroom break.

All in all, a delightful trip, we like Denver!

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